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Victorian Crazy Quilts

Students were shown a variety of samples of Victorian Crazy Quilts that became a fad in the late 1800’s. Crazy quilting refers to the fabric art of piecing together many different bits of fabric in a variety of colors, shapes … Continue reading

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Op Art

Students were introduced to the artist M.C. Escher and the modern art movement called Op Art. During the 1960’s artists produced artwork with carefully arranged geometric shapes in order to produce a variety of optical sensations. These optical illusions force … Continue reading

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Sunglass Self-Portraits

Just in time for summer we created these sunglass self-portraits.

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Name Aliens

Students used their knowledge of cursive writing and symmetry to create their artwork. First they drew their name on the fold of the paper and then traced the mirror image on the otherside. They used their imagination to turn this line … Continue reading

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Dragon & Castle

Students used their imagination to create a dragon surrounding a castle.

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Matisse Jazz Collage

Third graders learned about the famous artist, Henri Matisse. In the beginning of his career he painted large vibrant paintings. Later in his life Matisse became ill and was confined to a wheelchair. He was too weak to stand at his … Continue reading

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Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Students viewed Japanese scroll paintings and had a blast creating their very own Japanese inspired cherry blossom trees. They began by using a straw to “blow” out paint into thin, branch-like lines. Then, colorful cherry blossoms were painted to complete … Continue reading

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Pop Art Cupcakes

Third graders were introduced to the work of artist Wayne Thiebaud and the Pop art movement. Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter whose most famous  works are of cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipsticks. Students used hand-building techniques to … Continue reading

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Wayne Thiebaud Layered Cakes

Third Graders continued to explore Wayne Thiebaud’s artwork. They learned how to draw a circle in perspective as they created these yummy cakes.

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Winter Birch Trees

Third graders created a winter landscape using the three components: foreground, middle ground and background. Shadows were added to create depth. Just beautiful!

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