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Printed Turtles

First Graders used repetition of line, shape, and color to create a patterned turtle. They used found objects to print the circular pattern on the shell.

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Kandinsky Circles

First grader do Kandinsky! They experimented with color after viewing Wassily Kandinsky’s famous painting, Squares with Concentric Circles. They had a great time painting their own versions bursting with color.

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Sneaky Snakes

First graders used repetition of line, shape, and color to create a patterned snake. Grass was drawn and cut for the sneaky snake to hide in and create a 3-dimensional effect. These colorful snakes are not hiding form anyone!

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Mouse Paint 3-D

First Graders are learning what two primary colors make secondary colors. We read the book Mouse Paint and created 3-D mice like the ones in the book. Too cute!

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Tie Dye Snowflakes

First graders found a new use for coffee filters. Students first folded the coffee filter and then dipped washable markers into water to color them. When carefully opened, they were surprised to see a Kaleidoscope design unfold. Once dry, students learned how … Continue reading

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First graders drew and colored awesome castles! They started by viewing images of real castles. They then constructed their very own castles using rectangles, squares, cones, and cylinders. Interesting details seen in real castles were added such as bricks, moats, … Continue reading

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Night Owls

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Reflective Monet’s

First graders learned about the famous artist Claude Monet. Monet painted one of his favorite places, the water garden in France, many times. Students used mixed media to create their own version of Monet’s painting Water Lillies and the Bridge. Ask your child … Continue reading

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Chinese Pandas

First Graders learned a little about panda bears including what they look like, where they live, and even what they eat. They began their artwork by adding some bright green bamboo to the background so their pandas would not go … Continue reading

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Clay Pockets

First Graders created a decorative clay pocket from a slab of clay. They enjoyed using tools to texture their unique pots.

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