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Winter Tree Close-up

Second graders viewed a real pine branch to created beautiful pieces of artwork. We focused on a cropped composition and the idea of how things often have more details close up than far away. Then we created a pine branch … Continue reading

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Cooperative 3-D Line Sculpture

Students worked as a cooperative group to create a 3-D paper scultpure. They had to work together so their creations had unity. Each table shared their masterpiece and even gave it an unique name. Some examples: The biggest Roller Coaster … Continue reading

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Blue Dog

Students were introduced the Lousiana artist/author, George Rodrigue and his work. George painted Blue Dog in the 1980’s, inspired by his frisky terrier/spaniel (Tiffany)  and the legendary loup garou. Today his Blue Dog has captured the hearts and imagination of … Continue reading

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Pop Art Hands

We discussed the artist Andy Warhol and his artwork. Warhol was called a Pop artist, because he made art from pictures of ‘popular’ things. He loved to make pictures of things everyone could recognize, whether it was a dollar bill … Continue reading

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Monet Water Lilies

Students were introduced to the famous artist Claude Monet. Monet painted one of his favorite places, the water garden in France, many times. Emphasis was on impressionism and how this style was very different from what was popular at that time. … Continue reading

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Picasso Portrait

Students were inspired by the famous artist Pablo Picasso and the art movement called cubism to create these portraits.  

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Action Collage

Students were inspired by the artist Miriam Shapiro’s collages to create an action figure out of paper.

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Owl Silhouette

We used the book Owl Moon as inspiration for these owl silhouettes. Second Graders were introduced to the element of art- VALUE for this project. They were able to choose a color of their choice and then they added white … Continue reading

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Clay Owls

Second Graders used a slab of clay to form a 3-dimensional owl. Each part of the owl was built by hand using the techniques of pinching, coiling, and modeling. They also discovered different ways to create texture for the feathers using … Continue reading

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Winter Trees

Second Graders created these winter landscapes using soft pastels.

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