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Pinch Pots

Kindergarteners learned about where clay comes from and the firing process it  goes through to become a finished piece. They began with a small, palm-size piece of clay and molded it into a ball. Then they created a small, rounded pot … Continue reading

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Matisse Fish Bowls

Students learned about the life and art of famous artist Henri Matisse. He created artwork that was a little strange using bright, crazy colors and shapes that do not copy nature. We drew goldfish bowls to look three-dimensional like Matisses’s … Continue reading

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Monet Water Lilies

Kindergarteners were inspired by the images of Claude Monet’s water lily paintings. They recreated Monet’s painting by first painting wavy lines to create movement in the water. Then they completed them by using collage to create three dimensional water lilies … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Portraits

Kindergarteners were introduced to the artist Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous portrait, the Mona Lisa. They learned how to draw all the features of a face and completed their own very special portrait of their Mom. They could not wait to show … Continue reading

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Garden Art

Spring has sprung in Kindergarten! Students increase skills in cutting, gluing and arranging a balanced composition while creating these own backyard masterpieces.

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The Dot

For our first project we were inspired by the book called The Dot. This is a wonderful book about believing in yourself and your artwork. Students will be encouraged to be creative, take risks and feel confident about their artwork. Kindergarteners … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Cones

Yummy! Here comes summer.

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Mouse Paint

Kindergarteners and 1st Graders learned about the primary colors from the story Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stoll Walsh. They learned that mixing two primary colors together make a secondary color. They used watercolor paints to create puddles of paint. Then … Continue reading

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Picasso Bouquet

Kindergarteners viewed the artwork called “Petite Fleurs” by famous artist Pablo Picasso. They first traced their hand and then added different kinds of lines to build a bouquet of flowers all by themselves!  

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Playful Penguins

Kindergartens used white paint to paint a snowy hill and then drew some penguins having fun. Too cute!  

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